How Old Is Kim Sejeong Today? A Glimpse into Her Age, Biography, and Ascending Career


Kim Sejeong, a South Korean sensation, is presently 27 years old, having been born on August 28, 1996, in Gimje, South Korea. Recently, this multitalented artist showcased her ever-growing prowess with the release of her first full-length studio album, “Door,” on September 4.

  1. Summary of how old is kim sejeong
  2. Kim Sejeong’s Birth and Early Life
  3. Age Trivia
  4. Kim Sejeong’s Career Highlights
  5. Recent News and Rumors
  6. Kim Sejeong’s Recent Projects
  7. Additional Details
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From survival shows to gripping dramas, Kim Sejeong has skillfully navigated her journey, drawing attention most recently with her album “Door.” As one of Korea’s leading celebrities, she has earned accolades for her vocals and her roles in top-tier series like “Business Proposal” and “The Uncanny Counter.”

Summary of how old is kim sejeong

Detail Description
Full Name Kim Sejeong
Date of Birth August 28, 1996
Current Age 27 years old
Birthplace Gimje, South Korea
Career Debut I.O.I, May 2016
Notable Roles “Business Proposal”, “The Uncanny Counter”
Recent Album “Door”, released on September 4
Upcoming Release Third solo album, October 2023
Height & Weight 5’5″ (164 cm), 105.8 lbs (48 kg)
Blood Type AB

Kim Sejeong’s Birth and Early Life

Kim Sejeong’s journey started in Gimje, South Korea, where she was born on August 28, 1996. As of September 13, 2023, she proudly stands at 27 years old. Her commitment to her craft became evident when she began training under Jellyfish Entertainment, setting the stage for her illustrious career.

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Age Trivia

Interestingly, when Sejeong made her debut with I.O.I in May 2016, she was only 19 years old, as per international age. Her time with I.O.I, though brief from May 2016 to January 2017, was impactful.

Kim Sejeong’s Career Highlights

Over the years, Sejeong has donned multiple hats, impressing as a singer, songwriter, and actress. Among her lauded performances, roles in “Business Proposal” and “The Uncanny Counter” deserve special mention.

Recent News and Rumors

The entertainment industry is rife with rumors. Recently, speculations linked Sejeong romantically with “The Uncanny Counter” co-star Jo Byung Gyu. Adding fuel, whispers suggested a secret trip to Japan with “Business Proposal” co-star Ahn Hyo-seop. Always upfront, Sejeong dispelled the rumors, ensuring her fans received the truth.

Kim Sejeong’s Recent Projects

2023 saw Sejeong dive into the realm of drama with SBS’s “Today’s Webtoon.” Alongside, she’s preparing for the launch of her third solo album, set for an October release, amplifying the anticipation among fans.

Additional Details

Diving a bit deeper into Sejeong’s life, she has AB blood type, stands at 5’5″ (164 cm), and weighs around 105.8 lbs (48 kg). Previously, she contributed her talents to girl groups I.O.I and gugudan, enriching the K-pop scene.


Kim Sejeong is more than just her age. From a budding artist in Gimje to a celebrated star in South Korea, she’s carved a niche for herself in the industry. As her career trajectory continues to ascend, fans eagerly await the magic she’ll unfold next.


  • Who is Kim Sejeong?
    Kim Sejeong is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actress.
  • When is her birthday?
    She was born on August 28, 1996.
  • How old is Kim Sejeong today?
    As of September 13, 2023, she is 27 years old.
  • What is her recent work?
    She released her album “Door” on September 4 and is currently involved in the SBS drama “Today’s Webtoon.”

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