Is the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon Still Relevant Today?


The Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon is more than just a fundraising event; it’s a testament to the power of entertainment to drive change. First initiated in 1956, this iconic telethon became a Labor Day tradition, helping to raise a whopping $2.6 billion for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) over its existence.

  1. Summary of Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon
  2. The Early Years 1956 and Beyond
  3. Evolution of the MDA Labor Day Telethon
  4. The True Meaning of Labor Day
  5. Jerry Lewis’s Legacy and Impact
  6. Transition and Changes
  7. Remembering the Telethon
  8. Labor Day Travel and Celebration
  9. Conclusion

Its growth from a mere one-hour television special in 1956 to a spectacle that at its peak lasted 30 hours demonstrates not just the allure of celebrity-driven charity, but also how a cause can galvanize an entire nation. But what does the telethon mean for today’s generation?

Summary of Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon

Year Date Telethon Duration Raised Amount
1956 Thanksgiving 1 hour $1 million
1957 Thanksgiving 2 hours $2 million
1959 Thanksgiving 3 hours $3 million
1966 Labor Day 24 hours $10 million
1973 Labor Day 26 hours $12 million
1980 Labor Day 28 hours $15 million
1990 Labor Day 30 hours $20 million
2000 Labor Day 26 hours $25 million
2010 Labor Day 22 hours $60 million
2011 Labor Day 6 hours $22 million

Jerry Lewis’ Labor Day Telethon stands as a testament to the dedication of one man and the collective spirit of a nation. Initiated to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), the telethon over the years became synonymous with Labor Day festivities.

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The Early Years 1956 and Beyond

The birth of this telethon can be traced back to 1956 when Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin co-hosted a program from Carnegie Hall. With the subsequent Thanksgiving telethons of 1957 and 1959, the stage was set for a tradition that would captivate millions.

Evolution of the MDA Labor Day Telethon

Over the years, the telethon evolved, shifting its date to Labor Day from Thanksgiving. Yet, the core purpose remained intact – to fundraise for MDA. Although the duration varied, the enthusiasm with which Americans supported the cause never waned.

The True Meaning of Labor Day

Labor Day, beyond being a holiday, encapsulates the spirit of giving. The telethon resonated with this ethos, driving home the message of charity intertwined with the significance of the day itself.

Jerry Lewis’s Legacy and Impact

Jerry Lewis wasn’t just a comedian. His passion and dedication to the telethon transformed it into a powerful platform, spotlighting the struggles of those with muscular dystrophy and rallying support for research and aid.

Transition and Changes

By 2011, Lewis retired, marking an end of an era. The telethon underwent changes, notably in its duration. Yet, the sentiment behind it, the drive to aid those in need, remained unchanged.

Remembering the Telethon

For many, the telethon is more than just a memory; it’s a part of American television culture, a nostalgic reminder of times when the nation united for a cause.

Labor Day Travel and Celebration

Amidst the legacy of the telethon, Labor Day continues to be a time for reflection and celebration. Whether it’s the hustle at Los Angeles International Airport or community gatherings, the day’s spirit is undeniable.


The Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon is not just history; it’s a legacy, a reminder of the power of unity, entertainment, and charity. Even as times change, its impact and the values it stood for remain ever relevant.


Q: When did the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon begin?
A: It began in 1956 as a one-hour television special.

Q: Why did Jerry Lewis retire from the telethon?
A: Jerry Lewis retired in 2011, marking the end of his iconic association with the telethon.

Q: What’s the significance of the telethon’s move to Labor Day?
A: The move to Labor Day aligned the telethon with a day embodying the spirit of giving and community, amplifying its impact.

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