What Happened to Oscar Mbo Recently? A Deep Dive into Controversies and Career Highlights


Recently, Oscar Mbo, a prominent South African record producer, podcaster, and DJ, has been in the limelight for various reasons. He’s best known for his deep house and deep tech sounds, and his entertainment podcast, The Ashmed Hour show. But aside from his career highs, there have been some events and controversies surrounding him that have caught public attention.

  1. Oscar Mbo’s Legal Drama
  2. Summary of what happened to oscar mbo
  3. Celebrity Feuds and Relationships
  4. Career Highlights Amidst Controversies
  5. A Glimpse into Oscar’s Early Life
  6. Charting His Rise in Music
  7. Conclusion: The Multifaceted Oscar Mbo

Oscar Mbo’s Legal Drama

Oscar Mbo’s year began with a significant controversy in January 2023. He lodged a complaint of fraud against his ex-bookings manager, alleging fraudulent misrepresentation and financial discrepancies. This issue saw him making headlines, with the case still under investigation.

Summary of what happened to oscar mbo

Key Events Details
Legal Controversy Oscar Mbo filed a fraud case against his former bookings manager in January 2023.
Celebrity Feud Involvement Rumored romantic ties with a celebrity sangoma, leading to a public feud.
Career Highlights Partnered with Diesel Menlyn Mall for their “Denim Friday” promotion in February 2023.
Birth and Early Life Born Oscar Mbongeni Ndlovu in 1990 in Kriel, Mpumalanga.
Musical Achievements Released critically acclaimed “Golder Power” in 2019; Started The Ashmed Hour podcast.
Podcasting Journey The Ashmed Hour show, focusing on entertainment, has been a hit since its launch.

Celebrity Feuds and Relationships

Further stirring the pot, Oscar Mbo was unintentionally embroiled in a tiff between Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni, two notable celebrity sangomas. Rumors swirled about Oscar’s romantic involvement with one of these sangomas, causing rifts and heated exchanges on social platforms.

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Career Highlights Amidst Controversies

However, it wasn’t all negative press for Oscar Mbo. He clinched a collaboration with Diesel Menlyn Mall in February 2023, becoming a central figure in their monthly “Denim Friday” in-store promotion. This event became an instant hit, showcasing Oscar Mbo’s ability to draw a crowd and captivate his audience.

A Glimpse into Oscar’s Early Life

Diving deeper into his background, Oscar Mbo, whose real name is Oscar Mbongeni Ndlovu, hailed from Kriel, Mpumalanga. Born in 1990, his love for music propelled him to become a pioneering figure in the South African deep house genre.

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Charting His Rise in Music

With music in his veins, Oscar released “Golder Power” in 2019, an album that garnered critical acclaim. His unique blend of deep house, deep tech, and other genres set him apart in the industry. Alongside his musical journey, he created The Ashmed Hour show, an entertainment podcast that rapidly grew in popularity since its inception.

Conclusion: The Multifaceted Oscar Mbo

Through all the highs and lows, Oscar Mbo remains a vital figure in the South African entertainment world. His musical talents, combined with his knack for connecting with fans, ensure that he remains in the spotlight, regardless of the controversies surrounding him.

1. When did Oscar Mbo start his career?
He began his career as a DJ in the early 2010s, later venturing into music production and podcasting.

2. What was the controversy involving Oscar Mbo in 2023?
In January 2023, Oscar Mbo filed a fraud case against his former bookings manager, leading to significant media coverage.

3. How is Oscar Mbo related to the feud between Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni?
He was rumored to be romantically involved with one of the celebrity sangomas, causing further tensions in the ongoing feud.

4. What was Oscar Mbo’s significant collaboration in 2023?
In February 2023, he collaborated with Diesel Menlyn Mall for their “Denim Friday” in-store promotion, drawing large crowds.

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