What Really Happened? Unveiling the Details of the Mike Babcock-Mitch Marner Incident


In 2016-17, during Mitch Marner’s rookie season with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Mike Babcock, the then-coach, asked him to rank his teammates based on their work ethic. This controversial event, and the fallout that followed, sparked significant debate and discussion within the hockey community.

  1. Summary of what did mike babcock say to marner
  2. The Mitch Marner Incident
  3. Babcock’s Offer to Marner
  4. Rumors and Reactions
  5. Mike Babcock’s Reflection
  6. Babcock’s Reputation
  7. Mike Babcock’s Return
  8. Clearing the Air
  9. Conclusion

The story gained further traction in 2019 when Babcock was fired from the Maple Leafs. Rumors began to circulate suggesting Babcock’s controversial methods, like the ranking incident with Marner, might have played a part in his dismissal. By 2021, Babcock had admitted to the incident and publicly stated that he had apologized to Marner for it.

Summary of what did mike babcock say to marner

Date Event
2016-17 Babcock asked Marner to rank teammates by work ethic.
2019 Babcock’s firing led to rumors about the Marner incident.
2021 Babcock admitted to the incident and apologized to Marner.

Mike Babcock’s decision to ask Mitch Marner to rank his teammates remains a widely debated topic. This occurred at a pivotal time for Marner, as he was striving to secure his spot as a central figure in the team.

The Mitch Marner Incident

During the 2016-17 season, Babcock presented Marner with a task: rank the work ethic of his teammates. Surprisingly, Marner placed himself at the bottom. The situation took a turn when Babcock decided to share this list with two players, Tyler Bozak and Nazem Kadri.

Babcock’s Offer to Marner

Recognizing the weight of his actions, Babcock approached Marner, expressing regret and offering to discuss the issue with the entire team. However, Marner chose to decline this offer.

Rumors and Reactions

After Babcock’s firing, whispers about the Marner ranking incident grew louder. While Marner confirmed the occurrence, he also stated he didn’t want to blow it out of proportion.

Mike Babcock’s Reflection

While away from the NHL, Babcock spent time reflecting on his past, acknowledging several mistakes during his stint with the Leafs. This introspection included his recognition of the Marner incident’s mismanagement.

Babcock’s Reputation

Babcock’s departure from the Leafs significantly dented his standing in the hockey world. Once hailed as an elite NHL coach, his handling of Marner raised eyebrows concerning his leadership techniques.

Mike Babcock’s Return

Recently, Mike Babcock took charge of the Columbus Blue Jackets. This comeback has elicited a spectrum of reactions. While some believe in a reformed Babcock, others express concerns regarding his influence on the Blue Jackets’ dynamics.

Clearing the Air

Babcock has expressed a keen desire to set the record straight about the Marner saga. Engaging with notable sports journalists like Elliotte Friedman, Babcock has provided his perspective on the events that transpired.


The Mike Babcock-Mitch Marner incident remains a significant event in NHL’s history. It serves as a lens to evaluate Babcock’s NHL contributions and his coaching legacy.


1. When did Mike Babcock ask Marner to rank his teammates?
In the 2016-17 season during Marner’s rookie year with the Leafs.

3. What were the ramifications of this incident on Babcock’s career?
This incident, among others, impacted Babcock’s reputation and might have played a part in his 2019 firing from the Maple Leafs.

4. Where is Mike Babcock currently coaching?
Babcock is currently the head coach for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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