Where Is Matt Damon Living Now? Unveiling the Star Current Abode


Matt Damon, the accomplished actor recognized for roles in iconic movies like the “Bourne” series and “Good Will Hunting,” primarily resides in Bedford, New York. His colonial-style home, spread over 15,000-square-feet, boasts six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, providing a perfect sanctuary for him and his family since 2007.

  1. Summary of where is matt damon living
  2. Matt Damon’s Primary Residence
  3. Matt Damon’s Relationship and Family Life
  4. Matt Damon’s Connection to Australia
  5. Matt Damon’s Family Tradition in Australia
  6. Matt Damon’s Friendship with Ben Affleck
  7. Ben Affleck’s Anecdote about Matt Damon’s Living Habits
  8. Matt Damon’s Upcoming Projects
  9. Alternative Residences
  10. Conclusion

Damon’s deep roots with Bedford go beyond just his residence. Growing up close by in Armonk, this locale has always held sentimental value for him, primarily because of his enduring connections and the tranquility it offers.

Summary of where is matt damon living

Attribute Details
Primary Residence Colonial-style home in Bedford, New York
Family Wife Luciana Bozán and four daughters
Connection to Australia Filmed “Thor: Love and Thunder” in 2021
Upcoming Project “Oppenheimer” and “The Shrink Next Door”
Alternative Residence Penthouse in Brooklyn Heights
Friendship Highlight Lifelong friend, Ben Affleck

Matt Damon’s Primary Residence

Bedford, New York, offers Matt Damon and his family a serene setting in their expansive colonial-style home. Occupying 15,000 square feet, the residence is both luxurious and homely, perfect for the Hollywood star and his family. Furthermore, the actor’s choice to live here is influenced by his upbringing in the neighboring town of Armonk, accentuating his attachment to the region.

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Matt Damon’s Relationship and Family Life

While filming “Stuck on You” in Miami back in 2003, Damon met the love of his life, Luciana Bozán. The couple got engaged in 2005, and since then, they have been inseparable, enjoying quality family time in their Bedford home. Their four daughters, Isabella, Gia, Stella, and Alexia, further brighten up their household.

Matt Damon’s Connection to Australia

In 2021, Damon temporarily shifted to Australia, residing in Byron Bay for six months while shooting for “Thor: Love and Thunder.” This temporary move also showcased his camaraderie with fellow actor, Chris Hemsworth.

Matt Damon’s Family Tradition in Australia

Matt’s stay in Australia wasn’t just about work. He embraced the local culture, creating memories with his family, particularly at The Ekka in Brisbane, an annual agricultural event. This outing has since become a cherished “family tradition” for the Damons.

Matt Damon’s Friendship with Ben Affleck

Childhood friends turned Hollywood icons, the bond between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck remains unshaken. Their journey, beginning from the suburbs of Boston, has witnessed collaborations on masterpieces like “Good Will Hunting.”

Ben Affleck’s Anecdote about Matt Damon’s Living Habits

Affleck recently shared a light-hearted anecdote about Damon’s domestic habits. According to him, Damon isn’t the tidiest of individuals, often overlooking tasks like taking out the trash and, occasionally, being a messy diner.

Matt Damon’s Upcoming Projects

“Oppenheimer,” directed by Christopher Nolan, will feature Damon in a leading role, set to release in 2023. Additionally, audiences are eagerly anticipating his appearance in “The Shrink Next Door” on Apple TV+.

Alternative Residences

While Bedford is Damon’s primary abode, he also owns a lavish penthouse in Brooklyn Heights. Previously, he had a mansion in Pacific Palisades, California, which he put up for sale in 2022.


Matt Damon’s life, both professionally and personally, has been nothing short of spectacular. His primary residence in Bedford reflects his love for tranquility amidst a bustling career. As the actor continues to charm audiences worldwide, fans eagerly wait for his next big project.


1. Where does Matt Damon primarily reside?
He primarily lives in Bedford, New York.

3. Which recent film did Damon shoot in Australia?
He filmed “Thor: Love and Thunder” in Australia in 2021.

4. What is Matt Damon’s connection with Ben Affleck?
They have been close friends since their childhood days in Boston.

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