Who is Scott Patterson Wife? Unveiling the Love Story of Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan


Scott Patterson, renowned for his iconic role as Luke Danes on the “Gilmore Girls,” celebrates his 65th birthday in 2023. While many know about his impressive career spanning TV shows like 90210 and films in the Saw franchise, fewer are acquainted with his personal life. He’s happily married to Kristine Saryan, and they share a son named Nicholas.

  1. Summary of Scott Patterson Wife
  2. Scott Patterson’s Career and Achievements
  3. Scott Patterson’s Family Life
  4. Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan’s Marriage
  5. Kristine Saryan’s Background
  6. Age Difference Between Kristine Saryan and Scott Patterson
  7. Scott Patterson’s Co-star Kristine Saryan’s Appearance in “Gilmore Girls”
  8. Scott Patterson’s Birthday
  9. Scott Patterson’s Marriages
  10. Kristine Saryan’s Story
  11. Where Are the “Gilmore Girls” Stars Now
  12. Transformation of “Gilmore Girls” Stars

But how did Scott, an American actor with a baseball background, and Kristine, an actress known for roles including a brief appearance on Gilmore Girls, come together? Dive into the journey of their love story, while also exploring Scott’s illustrious career.

Summary of Scott Patterson Wife

Scott Patterson Facts Details
Known for Role as Luke Danes in “Gilmore Girls”
Major Achievements “Saw” franchise, “90210,” “Aliens in America”
Wife Kristine Saryan
Marriage Year 2014
Age Gap with Wife 25 years
Notable Birthdays on September 11 Harry Connick Jr., John Adams
Previous Marriage Victoria Van Fleet (1983-2004)
Current Activities Acting, “Gilmore Girls” podcast host

Scott Patterson’s Career and Achievements

Patterson’s journey from the baseball field to the cinematic universe is truly noteworthy. Apart from his celebrated role as Luke Danes, he’s credited with remarkable performances in the “Saw” franchise, “The Event,” and “Aliens in America.”

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Scott Patterson’s Family Life

It was in 2001 that Scott’s path crossed with Kristine Saryan. Their connection grew, leading to their marriage in 2014. Their union blossomed with the birth of their son, Nicholas. Scott often mentions Kristine as not just his partner but also his best friend.

Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan’s Marriage

Their marriage, flourishing for nearly a decade now, occasionally garners attention due to their 25-year age gap. However, both Scott and Kristine have publicly shared that this difference in age doesn’t bother them. Their strong bond is evident to those around them.

Kristine Saryan’s Background

While Scott’s fame often overshadows, Kristine herself is an accomplished actress. Most notably, she appeared in “Gilmore Girls.” However, to many, she’s recognized as Scott Patterson’s wife.

Age Difference Between Kristine Saryan and Scott Patterson

With a 25-year age difference, their relationship sometimes finds itself under public scrutiny. Yet, love knows no bounds, and both of them have shown that age is just a number when it comes to true connection.

Scott Patterson’s Co-star Kristine Saryan’s Appearance in “Gilmore Girls”

An interesting tidbit is Kristine’s role in “Gilmore Girls” season 4. Playing Chrissy, a character that Luke Danes has a fleeting crush on, it’s a delightful Easter egg for fans, given her real-life relationship with Scott.

Scott Patterson’s Birthday

Born on September 11, 1958, Scott shares his birthday with the likes of Harry Connick Jr. and historical figures like John Adams.

Scott Patterson’s Marriages

Kristine isn’t Scott’s first wife. He was previously married to actress Victoria Van Fleet in 1983, a marriage that lasted until 2004. However, his union with Kristine in 2014 brought him the joy of fatherhood with their son, Nicholas.

Kristine Saryan’s Story

Beyond being Scott Patterson’s wife, Kristine has her own narrative. As an actress, she’s been a part of several projects, but she’s also passionate about fitness and modeling.

Where Are the “Gilmore Girls” Stars Now

As 2023 marks the 23rd anniversary of “Gilmore Girls,” fans often wonder about the whereabouts of its stars. While Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel continue their successful journeys in shows like “Parenthood” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” respectively, Scott continues to act and hosts a “Gilmore Girls” podcast.

Transformation of “Gilmore Girls” Stars

Years have passed, but the stars of “Gilmore Girls” have gracefully embraced their journey with age. Lauren Graham feels more empowered, Alexis Bledel cherishes her natural beauty, and Scott takes pride in his well-aged persona.

What is Scott Patterson’s most notable role?
Scott is best known for his role as Luke Danes in “Gilmore Girls.”

Who is Scott Patterson’s wife?
He’s married to Kristine Saryan.

When did Scott and Kristine tie the knot?
They got married in 2014.

Did Kristine Saryan ever appear in “Gilmore Girls”?
Yes, she had a brief role in season 4 playing Chrissy.

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