Who is Terron Armstead? Understanding Miami Dolphin Pro Bowl Tackle and His Recent Setback


Terron Armstead, currently aged 31, shines as an offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins within the National Football League (NFL). Having been drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 2013’s third round, Armstead’s prowess in the field has granted him four Pro Bowl selections and two All-Pro team namings. However, with recent events, many have been searching “who is Terron Armstead?” especially after his recent injury.

Terron Armstead’s NFL Career
Starting off as a backup offensive tackle for the Saints, Terron soon rose to the challenge. By Week 16 of his inaugural season, he had locked in a starting position. Through his eight seasons with the Saints, Armstead’s stability was evident, having allowed only 28 sacks across 124 games.

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Summary of who is Terron Armstead

Detail Information
Current Team Miami Dolphins
Position Offensive Tackle
NFL Entry 2013, New Orleans Saints’ third-round draft pick
Pro Bowl Selections 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021
Recent Injury Date August 17, 2023, during joint practice with the Houston Texans
Expected Game Absence Miami Dolphins’ season opener against the Los Angeles Chargers (Sep 11, 2023)

Terron Armstead’s Move to the Miami Dolphins
In 2022, Terron took on a new challenge by signing with the Miami Dolphins as an unrestricted free agent. His shift was a significant highlight of that offseason, with many awaiting his performance with the Dolphins.

Terron Armstead’s Recent Injury
On August 17, 2023, Terron faced a challenging setback. During a joint practice session with the Houston Texans, he injured his right leg. This unfortunate event saw him being taken to the locker room on a cart. Although later seen walking with crutches, the injury was diagnosed as a knee sprain.

Terron Armstead’s Pro Bowl Recognition
Terron’s excellence in the field isn’t unnoticed. With four Pro Bowl selections in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021, and two All-Pro team recognitions in 2018 and 2021, he’s undoubtedly among the NFL’s best offensive tackles.

Terron Armstead’s Status for Upcoming Games
Post-injury, the Dolphins’ opener against the Los Angeles Chargers on September 11, 2023, won’t see Armstead in action. With a week-to-week status update, fans eagerly await news on his recovery.

Terron Armstead’s Background
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 23, 1991, Terron’s sports journey began at West Jefferson High School, Marrero. Recognized as a top offensive tackle recruit, he later committed to playing at the University of Southern California.

Terron Armstead’s Interests Outside Football
Beyond the gridiron, Terron expresses himself through music. As part of “The Stead Brothers” rap group and as a producer for various NFL players, Terron, known as T. Stead, showcases his multifaceted talents.

From his promising career beginnings to his undeniable impact in the NFL, Terron Armstead’s journey, interspersed with challenges, is one of resilience. The Miami Dolphins, while faced with his temporary absence, remain hopeful for his return and subsequent contributions.


  • Who is Terron Armstead?
    Terron Armstead is an esteemed offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL.
  • When did he suffer his recent injury?
    He sustained a right leg injury on August 17, 2023.
  • Which teams has he played for in the NFL?
    Terron began with the New Orleans Saints in 2013 and moved to the Miami Dolphins in 2022.
  • Does Armstead have interests beyond football?
    Yes, he’s involved in music, both as a rapper (T. Stead) and a producer.

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